Carson Property
Located in the North West Territories, east of Yellowknife
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Carson Property The Carson Property is a single 1141-acre mining lease No. NT-3446, registered in good standing with the NT Mining Recorder’s Office for a period of 21 years with 19 years remaining until the expiration date of June 30, 2038. The lease gives the holder the exclusive right to search for, win, work, and take all minerals, as defined in the Mining Regulations, in, upon or under the mineral claims, defined in full in the Northwest Territories Mining Regulations SOR/2014-68.

The Carson property is located in a remote area approximately 195 kilometers north-northwest of Yellowknife in Nunavut, Canada. The Damoti Lake area lies in the Slave Structural Province within the Indin Lake Supracrustal belt. This belt is composed of Archean age metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks of the Yelloknife Supergroup, and is truncated to the west by Archean age plutons and migamtites, and to the east by gneissic basement rocks. The Indian Lake belt form a series of north to northeast trending volcanic assemblages. The 1985 mapping program identified 8 major rock assemblages in the property area, which contacts trending slightly east of north. Gold mineralization in the Damoti Lake area is characterized by quartz carbonate veins associated with regional scale structural deformation. Gold grades on the property associated with quartz-carbonate veins typically show higher grade gold mineralization over narrow widths from 6 to 60 inches (~2.5 to 23.5 cm).

Exploration has been conducted in the Indin Lake area since the mid 1930’s with the discovery of lode gold in the mafic volcanic rocks that surround the lake. Prospecting around the lake identified a number of additional gold showings in the volcanic and surrounding sedimentary rocks. 1970’s exploration shifted focus to polymetallic base metal targets and led to the discovery of new occurrences in the Indin Lake belt. The discovery of iron formation-hosted gold at Damoti Lake, and active mining at the Colomac deposit, fueled the exploration effort during the 1990’s. At present, elevated gold prices have renewed staking and exploration interest in the Indin Lake belt. For further technical information see:


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