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Who We Are

Joshua Gold Resources is a US gold exploration company headquartered in Canada, home to the 3-billion year old Canadian Shield – renowned for its wealth of important minerals, including:

  • Nickel
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Lithium
  • Cobalt
  • Niobium
  • Chromium

Our Focus

The company’s focus is on exploring properties that neighbor proven gold-producing properties, since these generally have a higher probability of gold-bearing geological structures which can potentially lead to mineable deposits of gold.

While the company is focused on gold exploration, a recent assessment of a LIDAR survey of Joshua Gold Resources’ Seymour Lake Extension property indicated the potential presence of another valuable mineral: lithium.

The assessment from the company’s Chief Geologist (and QP – Qualified Person) Fred Sharpley is notable because the Seymour Lake Extension property lies just 300 meters east of Green Technology Metals’ lithium deposit. The GTM property is estimated to contain 2-3 million tons of 1.25% lithium. Fred’s recommendation, which the company will be acting on, is to commence prospecting and sampling at the property to investigate the LIDAR survey results.

Lithium itself is a metal critical to new-energy technology, and is mainly used in batteries for electric cars, mobile devices and other electronics. As our dependence on portable and renewable energy increases we anticipate the demand for this important resource to increase as well.

This company is focused on growth, and that growth isn’t just in the physical world either – I am proud to be part of it, and now serve as an Independent Director alongside President Ben Fuschino and Secretary/Treasurer Dino Micacchi.

As well, the company recently added dedicated marketing support, and so you will also see things like their website, social media and communications evolving to help support the company’s efforts.


Joshua Gold Resources is a US gold exploration company headquartered in Canada, engaged in the exploration of highly prospective properties on a global scale. Our focus is to explore properties that are contiguous to proven gold-producing properties which represent a higher probability of gold-bearing geological structures that will lead to mineable deposits of gold.

Joshua Gold Resources

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