Stake in ‘Lithium One’ Property Taken by Joshua Gold Resources

In lithium-related news, Joshua Gold Resources Inc. (JSHG / OTC Pink Sheets) is pleased to announce it has acquired a 50% stake in a series of 40 contiguous mining claims comprising approximately 1600 acres of potential mineral resources. The company has named the property Lithium One.

The recently staked claims cover a group of three prominent areas, which share a similar type of terrain where pegmatite outcrops containing spodumene have been identified on other potential lithium properties in the Gogama, Ontario area.

Gogama itself has been a hotbed of activity and home to a recent staking rush following findings of spodumene, a lithium-bearing mineral derived from pegmatite rock.

To meet the ever-increasing demand for things like electric car batteries, producing enough lithium means relying on multiple sourcing methods, like deriving spodumene from pegmatite rock. This makes JSHG’s new property potentially very important to the lithium industry.

Joshua Gold Resources CEO Ben Fuschino commented, “Thanks in part to our great geological team, we are fortunate to have acquired an important stake in Lithium One in the growing Gogama lithium camp. JSHG’s active exploration of lithium demonstrates our company’s excitement, and the opportunities we see in helping the world shift toward more renewable sources of energy.”

In related lithium news, JSHG will soon share an important update from its Seymour Extension property, following a recent ground sampling program conducted there. That property sits adjacent to Green Metal Technologies (GT1-ASX) lithium property, a 9.9 million tonne deposit with lithium values of 1.04%.

Further, JSHG will be providing an update on another sampling program from the recently acquired Champion Mine in Haycock Township.

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Joshua Gold Resources Inc. (OTC Pink: JSHG) is a publicly traded American gold and mineral exploration company headquartered in Canada, home to the 3 billion-year-old Canadian Shield which contains a wealth of minerals from nickel, gold, copper, lithium, cobalt, niobium, lithium to chromium.

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Joshua Gold Resources Lithium One Property View Overhead
Overhead view of JSHG’s recently acquired Lithium One property, showing three prominent areas.